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Korean Lesson Suggestions

I am considering putting the lessons on an actual webpage rather than have it directly run from the journal.

Though I would announce whenever there is a new lesson here.

Tweet Roll 2010-10-22

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"Like "oh I havn't been in a relationship for so long, I want a BF (or GF)" You can't just make yourself fall in love with a random person. "
"Relationships don't usually work out, because there is nothing holding it together if you don't "love" each other. This is why I don't date. "
"Real love starts with friendship, and blossoms from that point into something more."
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To do


So much has been going on lately, so I am a bit late on the Korean lessons and some other projects as well.
I will be getting back to everything soon. Once my moving situation is all settled this month. ~_~

New addition to the family.

A couple of weeks ago, my very first sewing machine of 3 years has decided to once and for all give up. :(
Very many hats and accessories were made with this machine and made it possible to keep my shop at www.TheBunnyCafe.com running.

The machine was really a basic machine so the fact that I was always sewing very quickly on it for long periods of time, although it seemed to be holding up well... a big metal piece inside of it broke off as I was sewing! I guess it was just it's time to go D:

R.I.P. Brother LS-2125i

I feel an emptiness after losing it since I've become so comfortable with using it all this time.

Today, I went to Pasadena to find a replacement for it. I was going to get a basic machine, but I figured since I work very quickly and I did not want this next one to break easily, I decided to get a heavy duty machine.

It's a Singer Heavy Duty 4411. I really love it! It handles very smoothly and is very quiet when sewing with it! Even better, it was on sale. ;)

Not to mention it was the last one so I had to grab it!

This new machine already has many orders to take on cause of Halloween and Christmas coming!
Wish us luck. :)

Continuing from KB Lesson 0 - Part 1, we will study another set of four vowels called combined vowels.

After you complete this lesson you will know how to read and write 11 Korean 'letters'!


Click here to start! :)Collapse )


Korean Byte Lesson 0 - Part 1: Reading and Writing Basic Vowels

Welcome to Lesson 0!
Your journey to learning Korean starts right here. In this lesson we will cover the 6 basic vowels out of the twenty-one total vowels in the Korean writing system.
Along with learning how to properly write and pronounce each vowel, you will also learn how to construct basic syllables using what we have covered in todays lesson.

Let's Study!Collapse )


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